Our junior triathlon club is run under the guidance of two very experienced and competitive coaches, both with a view that Triathlon is a unique sport made up of three key elements - fun, fitness and technical skill. Swimming, cycling and running are all very individual sports, but working as a team has built a togetherness in individuals to compete with any team sport. We run a junior, development and senior squad and can regularly be seen taking part in local races.

Why our Junior Triathlon Club?

Many of today’s world-class triathletes started with a swimming background, which is why our swimming club creates a superb foundation for our Junior Tri team.

Our coaches offer multiple sessions each week, covering all 3 disciplines of Swimming, Cycling and Running. Every session is unique with a fun and exciting experience for your children.

We work with the schools and the local event organizers to ensure the training undertaken by the children can be tested in the annual race calendar. 

The global triathlon community is very inclusive, and we are too - we only have two caveats:

1) If you ride a bike, you wear a helmet

2) we insist upon is a strict Level 4 swimming ability

For more information or join us for an assessment- contact us.